Alloy Wheel and Scratch Repair Service

Kent based independent alloy wheel refurbishment and scratch repair specialist.

Through my lifetime love of cars and early years training as a mechanic I am delighted to be able to offer either a one-to-one mobile service at your convenience or at our unit on Ellingham Industrial Estate.

With our same day service, work can be carried out at your home, office or place of work / business (available power source is required) in all weathers. The mobile van set up enables us to carry out services to achieve the highest quality repair, refurbishment and finish, with a service and customer satisfaction guaranteed. Alternatively vehicles can be dropped off at our unit or we can offer a collection service for your wheels to suit your needs.


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  • Curb damage repair
  • Full or part refurbishment
  • Full colour change
  • Repair and repaint diamond cut alloys


  • Bumper / plastic scuffs & scrapes
  • Scratches
  • Wing mirror damage
  • Colour coding


  • Restoration
  • Scratch repairs
  • Fade repairs
  • Weather damage correction

The Process



The wheels are removed from the vehicle and cleaned thoroughly with the use of silicone remover to degrease the tyre and wheel from any contamination. Tyres are deflated, the beads are broken which means the tyres are pushed back to enable the wheel to be repaired. The repair / refurbishment works are carried out using varying techniques to suit. Wheels are then primed to prevent corrosion and then baked under infrared lighting. The primer is then flatted out to ensure a smooth finish. The wheels are then painted to your specified colour or matched to the original finish. The baking process is then repeated. The wheels are then lacquered and baked again until dry. Tyres re-inflated and refitted back on the vehicle.



Area to be repaired is inspected and the paint code and colour match is confirmed. Once a true colour match is established the area to be repaired is cleaned thoroughly with silicone remover then flattened off to enable the repair to be carried out with varying techniques to suit. The area is then primed and baked, flattened back, painted with the matched colour, baked, then 2K lacquer applied and baked again, the area is then polished for final inspection.

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